We see Los Angeles as the perfect setting to connect with the things that delight and ignite you. It’s the perfect city to meet people who surprise and inspire you. We curate transformative experiences against this spectacular backdrop of diversity.

Rooftop Havdalahs, pop-up art exhibits, organic cooking classes - this is just the beginning.

To find out more about our upcoming events, email NuRoots@jewishla.org

Grand Central Market Challah and Matzah Workshops

The Grand Central Market hosted the second annual Los Angeles Bread Festival, a two-day event celebrating of bread of all kind, including Challah bread and matzah. On Sunday, NuRoots presented two workshops, one on matzah and one on challah. A very diverse group of people, young and old, Jewish and not Jewish, joined chef Sonya Masinovsky as she guided the participants through the traditions and process of making matzah. Afterwards, people rolled up their sleeves and learned everything about braiding tasty challah bread with Challah Hub. Participants braided and then baked their own loaf in the Festival’s wood-burning oven to take home. Challah Hub also sold their own challah on both festival days and made sure to give out NuRoots tote bags to every customer. Several NuRoots community members came out, but also new, young community members joined the club of 'Jewish' carb lovers!

Culinary Adventures

Whether we’re gathering to cook your grandmother’s favorite Hungarian recipe, flipping the script on a traditional Shabbos meal, or learning how to authentically make Vietnamese pho, our cooking classes are collaborative, fun, and so delicious! We’ve come a long way since the days of bagels and lox. We are dedicated foodies, always ready, willing, and able to delve into the scrumptious. Bête 'Avon!

Yoga + Meditation

Our yoga and meditation offerings focus on bringing mindfulness and equanimity into our shared Jewish experience. Whether it’s a walking meditation through the Venice canals, breathwork at a local park, or a Passover-themed yoga class at a bungalow home, we create the space for personal reflection, community engagement, and gratitude.

Pop-Up Coloring

Coloring’s not just for kids anymore! As sharing ideas and inspiration has never been easier, coloring and crafts has become a central way for our community members to creatively meditate on the themes that matter most to us. Our pop-up coloring events have touched on themes ranging from female empowerment in the Purim story to simply serving as a way to facilitate creativity and change.

Walking Tours

“Nobody walks in L.A.” We know you’ve heard the phrase. And yet, when you do it with impassioned community leaders, you’ll no doubt find a new layer of beauty within our sprawling, diverse city. Whether it’s exploring the historic landmarks of the Pico-Union, or taking an up-close look at Jewish Venice, our tours will allow you to slow down and observe what it means to be Jewish in L.A. in a totally new way.


Love making stuff? With your hands? Love being around other artistic souls as they pour their own meaningful experiences into something totally unique? In our bookmaking series, community members guide us through this creative process. We’ll explore identity, holiday themes, and modern Jewish life. Yes, you’ll leave with a nifty, new origami creation. But you’ll also leave with a new, fresh perspective on the creative process…and some new friends from your neighborhood.

Love Angeles

Love Angeles is a citywide celebration of love. Coinciding with a full moon on the lunar calendar, Tu B’Av (the Jewish festival of love), is a unique opportunity to explore love in its many different and potent forms. Chocolate making, kayaking, urban walks, dance parties and more await you during our four-day festival.

Open your heart and feel the love.


Collective Escape

Collective Escape is a pop-up Passover experience that remixes and reinterprets the biblical story of Exodus for our present day. Instead of just listening to the story, you have a chance to be a part of it. A joint effort of many on a journey that encompasses music, meditation, storytelling and libations. In various Exodus-inspired events, a new side to an old story is revealed.



On March 16, 2016, NuRoots produced a gig at The Echo; we brought the one of-a-kind band A-WA, made up of three Israeli sisters with Yemenite roots to Los Angeles for the first time. The trio wowed the audience. Starting from Yemeni-Arabic folk tunes they heard as children, they layered these traditional songs with beats and tunes inspired by electronic dance music, reggae and hip hop.


Infinite Light

Infinite Light is a city-wide celebration of miracles, a curated, week-long festival of creativity and community that takes place during Hanukah. Celebrating imagination, triumph over injustice, and awe at the unexpected, participants gather in private homes, large parties in restaurants and bars, fashion shows, comedy nights, storytelling, volunteering, yoga, meditation, and more!