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Interview: Balkan Beat Box


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A Chat with Balkan Beat Box

Hailing from New York and Tel Aviv, Balkan Beat Box (aka BBB) blend Balkan brass, earth shattering bass, hip-hop and dub electronics to exhilarating effect. Their live shows are explosive affairs, with sometimes politicized lyrics and passionate performances that always send audiences into a frenzy. The trio burst out of New York City’s underground in the mid-2000s, and have become a favorite of global audiences and critics alike. Soon to release their 5th album Shout It Out, BBB is currently on tour across the U.S. We caught up with the band ahead of performing in LA (9/20) to chat new music, touring, their thoughts on Los Angeles and more:

You guys tour extensively. Does that ever take a toll on your creativity, or does it add to it?
We try to balance our touring schedule with our studio work . I guess we follow a few guidelines that are tough at times but let us stay in tune and creative, we don’t tour too long and so we recover fast and in the studio quick to be fresh . Touring can be also inspiring as we play stuff for each other and we all have laptops , or it can be just time off and just performance each night. Not much else but travel and planes and vans and soundchecks. A good book maybe.. .

You’re performing in Los Angeles on 9/20 at Troubadour, what are 3 words to describe your live show
Global sound system?  Urban Migrent soundclash?  Balkan Beat Box ?

What’s one thing that LA needs more of?
More great BBB shows! We used to skip LA at times cause it was not as lively for us as any big city above it on the west coast. Now LA is becoming way cooler and more fun and feels more like Williamsburg 10 years ago. The city is flourishing and we get to fall in love with it in some weird way …

Over all, how do you feel this new album is a step up for BBB as a band?
We learnt a lot in the last couple of years. about production , we worked some in LA as well.  We met top producers and mixers, we evolved as musicians and people and hope all that is translating into the new album. It feels like an upgrade to us

If there’s one message you could shout out to the world right now, what would it be?
Stop this hideous madness of lunatic leaders emerging. Act now in any way to bring sanity and intelligence back in the public discourse. It’s our ability to discern between what is thoughtful and evolved and noisy porn for the masses. Let’s hope we can.

Get tickets to Balkan Beat Box’s September 20th show at the Troubadour HERE.

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