Profile: Creative Power Couple Oly and Yossi Shamrik

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Profile: Creative Power Couple Oly and Yossi Shamrik

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We are Oly (28) and Yossi (35), Tel Aviv glazed, Los Angeles based visual explorers. We are power naps driven couple, flea market enthusiasts constantly finding ourselves passionate about new mediums, new ideas, new techniques. Knotably ( is our creative studio. Knot To Self ( | @knottoself – is our lifestyle brand. It’s easy to connect with us on the interwebs : @tlvbirdie ( and @tabooplus ( Keyboard drop.


Ma Hadash (what’s up/what’s new)?
הכל טוב,מה איתך?

A word to describe the person next to you?

Your spirit animal?
Oly : Husky. I was born in Siberia and I sense some sort of connection here (besides their very short attention span).
Yossi: Ant. Too busy to explain why.

3 things you always carry with you?
Oly : arsenal of lip balms, camera and freckles.
Yossi : Knotbook (, portable recording device and a beard.

What’s your favorite place in LA? Why?
Home. It’s just so happened that it is in LA.

How does the identity of your neighborhood tie into who you are?
We live in Glendale, which reminds us of home (Tel Aviv, Israel) for it’s eclectic Middle Eastern population, variety of food and a really cozy feel. Plus, it’s walkable which is rare in LA. It’s quiet and friendly here, just like us.

You know you’re from/live in LA when…
Rain has you changing your routines.

Where’s the best taco spot in LA?
We’re not classic LA people, just because this question itself makes us confused. Not taco people, but we can definitely name a few spots with the best (= closest to the “real deal”) homemade hummus! #hummustuesday

Would you rather be rich or famous?

Blue or black ink?
Hands down black!

3 people you’d invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Fernando Pessoa, Meir Ariel and Aesop Rock.

What’s your party trick?
Falling asleep on the couch (Yossi does this trick every night). #notpartypeople

What was your Bar/Bat Mitzvah theme? (if applicable)
Yossi: Back in the day, in Holon, Israel we didn’t have Bar Mitzvah themes. We only had crazy family members throwing candy at the Bar Mitzvah boy trying to carry the Torah Scroll back to it’s closet at the local synagogue, while memorizing the lines, trying so hard not to fuck it up. So I guess the theme is “survival”.

You become the next big Jewish rapper, what’s your rap name?
Taboo Plus, obviously.

Favorite Jewish holiday?
Oly : Hanukkah. Donuts, joy, miracles – you name it!
Yossi: Yom Kipur, which is not really a holiday and is more of a unique day, which actually feels the holiest if you experience it in Israel. It’s better than new age trends like cleansing, digital detox and vipassana.

What do you wish you’d knew about Jewish culture?
Probably, how was life like back in the Land of K’naan.

If we gave you $50, what would you buy?
We’d probably spend those $50 at Rose Bowl Flea Market on some dusty unique pieces for our ever-growing props / studio decor collection.

Do you have a favorite Jewish memory?
Most of our memories are Jewish, but if we need to name one – that would probably be our wedding day.

You’ll know you’ve “made it” when…
You stop thinking about success / you stop comparing yourself to others.

A question you’ve always wanted to ask a Rabbi?
Are you a Belieber?

Your dream project?
There are a couple : first, Knot To Self, our lifestyle brand. Second, the dream project that becomes more of a tangible dream – our full service creative studio Knotably. Besides that, we have a long ass list of new ideas that we wish we will have enough weekends to entertain.

Your favorite thing to do together on the weekend?
Working on our dream projects.

Mountains or beach?
Definitely beach, Alma Beach in Tel Aviv!


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