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Ma Nishma (what’s up)?

Beseder! (Spelling?) nothing too far from the usual, a lot of work, a lot of music, hanging out with my dog….


You know you’re from / live in LA when….

You would rather date somebody that lives in another state than have to cross the 405 to visit someone (in either direction…) also, vocal fry.


What defines Jewish culture for you?

To me, Jewish culture, as it is for many non-religious or atheist members of our community, is more than just a belief system. It’s a rich history of storytelling, of valuing education, and encouraging people (including children) to be brave enough to ask “why?” It’s my mothers brash New York accent, and my fathers even more abrasive Israeli accent. It’s a matriarchal household in which everyone speaks over one another over dinner, and the amazing food and Jewish guilt that comes with it. However, my favorite part of Jewish culture is the fact that we all tend to cherish humor above all else. I love to laugh, and i’m glad that in my family one could avoid the consequences of an offensive or disrespectful statement as long as the joke sank. This seems to be a common theme among American Jews.


What song describes your mood right now?

Bitch Better Have my Money – Rihanna


A piece of good news you heard this week

My favorite clients had a baby girl.


The world could use a little more

Regard for one another. And ice cream.


What’s one thing you know now about being Jewish/Jewish community that you wish you knew sooner?

That my mother was right, and it would be endlessly important to me as I age.


If you could accomplish one big thing in 2018, what would it be?

To learn how to balance my life, as I’m both a chronic people pleaser and workaholic. And maybe get abs.


A piece of advice you would give 13 year old you?

Keep it up, you’re on the right track. Keep being defiant, and don’t go to Harvard (sorry mom), because this punk rock shit will end up paying your bills one day and keep you out of student loans.


Best piece you’ve recently read or watched

I love the book I read last, titled Still Life with Woodpecker. It’s a vast and lovely exploration of both the concept of being an outlaw, and the concept of being in love.


A question you’ve always wanted to ask a Rabbi?

We were taught that the command of not mixing meat with milk was based off of the passage that dictates “a baby shouldn’t be boiled in its mothers milk” or something to that effect. So why is it that you can mix fish with dairy and its still kosher, like our beloved lox and cream cheese bagels, but not turkey or chicken? Birds aren’t mammals, the mothers don’t produce milk, and both turkeys and fish lay eggs. What gives? Poor planning and lack of logic, it seems.


Something you’re still working on?

I’m striving to be better at my job every day. My patience is really lacking, as well, I need to work on that.

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