Profile: Entrepreneur & bad-ass audio dude Evan Smith

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Profile: Entrepreneur & bad-ass audio dude Evan Smith


Evan Smith was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He moved to LA in 2003 after school to pursue a career in music. After touring for 12 years playing in and working with various bands, he retired to pursue his concert and event production company, MS Event Production, full time.

So, Ma Shlomkha (what’s up)?
Absolute insanity. About to start a full US tour for a fitness program I produce events for, just got season 2 up and running for a series we work on for Spotify called Traffic Jams, sending gear out on multiple fall tours, and hopefully working on a festival you may have heard of in a few weeks 😉 I’ve heard of this new thing called “sleep” that I’ve been thinking about trying out. Ever heard of it?

36/M/Echo Park

How does the identity of your neighborhood tie into who you are?
When I first moved to LA in 2003 Echo Park was the place that felt like home. It’s always been a haven for interesting and colorful people and as a 22 year old musician I was immediately drawn to it.

What do you love and hate most about living in LA?
I love that LA affords people the possibility to pursue nearly any lifestyle or profession they choose. There’s still a bit of wild west mentality out here that makes anything possible and that’s a beautiful thing. I’d never be able to have the life I’ve created in any other city in the world and I’m sure a lot of people can say the same.
I don’t feel strongly enough against any aspect of the city to necessarily say that I “hate” it, but I certainly dislike the “Hollywood” lifestyle and attitude that exists here.

What song describes your mood right now?
‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce!

You see a lot of shows, top 3 live performances this year?
1) Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock at Club Bahia. They were on stage together and riffed off each other for over an hour. Completely improvised and the funniest show I’ve ever seen.

2) Any Andra Day show (another client of mine). Her and her band are hands down the most talented people I’ve ever met.

3) I have no idea what they were called but there was some young new wave-ish punk band I’d never heard of that played at Little Joy late Sunday night during Echo Park Rising that blew me away. It made me happy to know that bands like that are still out there.

Would you rather be rich or famous?
Famous so I could possess enough social currency to reach as many people as possible to be a positive influence.

You become a rockstar tomorrow, 3 Jewish musicians that would make up your band?
Barbra Streisand, Fat Mike, and Drake because it’d be the most incredible musical train wreck of all time.

People also say you look like?
…a friend of theirs. Apparently I have a familiar face.

What do you wish you’d knew about Jewish culture?
Why it’s so easy to always come home compared to other cultures if you end up out of the loop for a while.

A question you’ve always wanted to ask a Rabbi?
I’d ask for a story instead: most over the top Bar/Bat Mitzvah they’ve ever presided over.

What was your Bar Mitzvah theme?
Not dancing with girls because you’re 13 and too nervous to ask them.

A piece of advice you would give 13 year old you?
Stop eating all that junk food you chubby little bastard!

5778 is almost here, what’s your (Jewish) new year resolution?
Connect with more of my Jewish peers in my community. Oh hey, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now in this interview!

What were you like 10 years ago?
LA band guy. I think that says plenty.

10 years from now, you hope to be/be doing…?
Exactly what I’m currently doing but way bigger.

What’s the best part of working for yourself?
The pride in knowing you’ve created a truly self-reliant lifestyle. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that.

What’s a challenge of working for yourself?
The ever present paranoia that it could all end in the blink of an eye.

If there is something to remember so far from your journey as a young entrepreneur, what would it be?
You’re only as good the people you surround yourself with so choose wisely.

What would you like to see more of in the world?
Positivity and inclusiveness.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Same reason I’d be motivated to cross the road. FOOD!!!

Give us your top 3 on the East Side for

Elf Cafe and Little Pine in Silverlake – I’ve been veg for most of my life so having restaurants nearby are a dream come true. Also they’re delicious as F*CK!!!

Bev: Anywhere with my friends because drinking in any capacity other than socially seems weird to me. I love all my Echo Park/Silver Lake watering holes but if I need to name a spot in the hood I’m going to go with the two places I can most easily walk to which are Semi Tropic in Echo Park and Bar Bandini in Silverlake. I’m old and like convenience.

Hangout: Silver Lake Reservoir & Elysian Park – I try to get out and run a few times a week during what little downtime I have to undo the effects of the aforementioned food and drink establishments I frequent.

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