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Profile: Jessie Rosen


 Jessie Rosen is a Jersey-bred, LA-based writer, producer and storyteller.

She is the creator/producer of the storytelling series SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS, performed monthly at UCB with talent such as Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Nate Corddry (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens). Sex Talks was recently featured on ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Rosen is also the creator/writer of the blog 20-NOTHINGS – named a Top 25 Blog by TIME magazine and Top 100 Websites for Women and Top 10 Websites for Millennials by Forbes.

In 2016 Rosen’s YA novel, DEAD RINGER, was published by Full Fathom Five. She is currently at work on a ½ hour comedy for Warner Brothers TV with Jim Parson’sThat’s Wonderful. In her spare time she watches hip hop dance videos on YouTube.

Ma Nishma (what’s up)?

Oh just the usual “winter” in LA activities: wearing my three sweaters in rotation, trying to make bone broth and stressing over the upcoming TV staffing season.


What defines Jewish culture for you?

So, so much. For my friends and family I feel like I can try to narrow it to a few large topics: education (supporting it, focusing on it and making sure it is a primary tentant of all family life), culture (Jewish culture but more importantly participating in all culture from an appreciation of film and television to art and travel. Essentially, soaking up world culture) and history (in this case I think that means both family history and world history. Remembering that both are equally important to where we’re headed as a people and a family unit).


What song describes your mood right now?

Oof, this might get dark but I’m going for Angel from Montgomery by John Prine but sung by Bonnie Raitt (my musical hero). For me it’s a song about sometimes wanting to fly above and beyond where you are so you can charge up to come back and fight what you’re trying to fight.


You know you’re from / live in LA when….

You’re shocked that the coffee shop in New Jersey doesn’t have oat OR hemp milk.


What’s your favorite place in LA, and why?

The Hollywood Bowl. Not only is it the scene of some of the most powerful musical moments of my life but it’s also a public park where you can take your dog for a run around the stairs or your fiance for a set of engagement photos!


What was your Bat Mitzvah theme?

I didn’t have a Bat Mitzvah, but I obviously used to dream of having a Bat Mitzvah when I was attending them in middle school and the theme was always New York City. If I could have a Bat Mitzvah today the theme would be all the milks you can order in your coffee in LA.


A past trend that you wish would come back?

Democrats controlling the house and senate. (Too real?)


Do you have a favorite Passover memory or tradition?

I really started celebrating Passover after I met my now husband, Robby. Passover is his family’s big holiday and they celebrate it with a huge group of friends and family that have been gathering for decades. My father-in-law is an educator by trade and a kid at heart, so he leads the evening with songs and activites and his signature accessory: the bag of plagues!


If you could accomplish one big thing in 2018, what would it be?

Spend more time volunteering. I recently joined WriteGirlLA, which is an organization that connects adult writers with teens.


A piece of advice you would give 13 year old you?

I’d steal this famous saying: Be who you are and say what you like because those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind. 


The world could use a little more

Time spent listening to each other.


Best piece you’ve recently read or watched

This piece by the novelist Nell Stevens about finding her real voice, for Lenny Letterhttps://www.lennyletter.com/story/speaking-lessons. And the Town Hall that CNN hosted with the survivors of the recent school massacre in Florida, in its entirety.


A piece of good news you heard this week

Avocados are still, definitively, good fat.




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