Profile: Marketing Manager Max Ehrlich

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October 26, 2016
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Profile: Marketing Manager Max Ehrlich

Max Ehrlich

Max Ehrlich is a LA transplant. Born and raised in South Florida and previously living in Chicago he is the LA Brand Champion (fancy title for a local marketing manager) for Jack Daniel’s as well as a Specialist in the CA State Military Reserve, and Flotilla Commander for his local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla. 

Ma Hadash?
My work has turned into a lifestyle and I’m not complaining.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Outgoing, Intrigued, Creative

Your animal spirit?
Probably a wolf, but if I were to die alone, I’d like to become a shark (get that reference there).

Who / what is your spirit animal?
Ilana Glazer of Broad City

3 things you always carry with you?
Fire Tablet, sample bottles of whiskey, a notebook (a bit redundant I know)

Would you rather be rich or famous?
Doesn’t riches sometimes come with fame? Probably rich, I wouldn’t do too well being famous and followed all the time!

Your life as a cocktail would be…
Old Fashion’d…..yup 

How does the identity of your neighborhood tie into who you are?
I think my neighborhood is ever changing and growing, and I feel like I may be in the same point in life. I’ve only lived in LA for 4.5 years and in EP for 2.5 of that and a lot has changed over time. All things for the better but change nonetheless.

You know you’re from/live in LA when…
The first thing someone asks you at a bar/party is “What do you do?”

You become a rockstar tomorrow, 3 Jewish musicians that would make up your band:
Max Bemis, David Lee Roth, Beck

Last 3 concerts you attended?
Sigur Ros, Lydia Loveless, Taking Back Sunday

Do you have a favorite Jewish memory?
When I was a kid, during Passover my parents would place wine into Elijah’s cup, and we’d go to the door to welcome him to our seder. While that was happening someone was pouring the wine down the drain somewhere, but when I came back to the table and the wine was gone I was convinced the ghost really came into our house.

A question you’ve always wanted to ask a Rabbi?
How long did it take you to grow your curls (Payot)

What do you wish you’d knew about Jewish culture?
All those years in Sunday school as a child I was able to read and write in Hebrew, but had no idea what the words meant. Wish I was able to speak/translate Hebrew.

What and where was your first tattoo?
The month I turned 18 I got “No Lies Just love” tattooed under my neck on my back. The “L” accidentally ended up being lowercase so there is a permanent typo on me. I could get it fixed, but what’s the fun in that.

What and where will be your next one?
I think I’m at 15 tattoos right now, but my next one is going to be the Triforce from the Legend Of Zelda done in an American traditional style somewhere on my forearm to help finish out my sleeve.

A past trend that you wish would come back?

If you were to invent anything what would it be, and why?
Facial recognition software to implant in a contact so you can keep track of who’s who.

Your biggest accomplishment of 2016?
Becoming enlisted in the California State Military Reserve after waiting about 5 months to hear back. They put in my enlistment package but weren’t sure I’d get accepted because I have small anchor tattoos on my pinkies, but I did and here I am!

Your resolution for 2017 is…
Continue to be the best boyfriend, son, brother I can be to my girlfriend and my family, and if all goes right, hopefully get a great promotion.

A piece of advice you would give 18 year old you?
You may be working every night of the week, going to school at the same time and not having a social life, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Keep the hustle up kid.

A piece of good news you heard this week?
Obama put a ban on drilling for oil in various areas of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

Max’s Recs

EAT –  Marugame Monzo – You can go into this spot with $10 and come out completely satisfied off of a delicious Japanese udon meal with hand made noodles to boot.

DRINK  – The Escondite  – This place is my home away from home. Chicago bar with killer food, cheap beer (plus some crafty ones) and the staff is the best. Also its the home for Chicago in LA will catch Blackhawks games here with 80+ fans screaming.

HANG OUT – Magnolia Street in Burbank  – Not sure why, but I just love the vibe in that area of town, it’s relatively quiet, easy to find parking, people are friendly and there’s always awesome vintage finds in all the shops along the street. Also, Porto’s is there, enough said.



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