Profile: Actress, Comedian, Director, Social Activist Milana Vayntrub

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Profile: Actress, Comedian, Director, Social Activist Milana Vayntrub

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Everyone knows that the AT&T girl, Lily is hilarious, but did you know the actress, Milana Vayntrub, is a social activist? Check out her latest project ‘Can’t Do Nothing

So, Ma Nishma (what’s up)?
Yo! How you do?!

A/S/L and what your first ever AIM name?
29, Female, Hollywood.

I’d like the record to show that I was in 5th grade when I came up with this and when I realized what it meant, it was too late to change it and I just had act like I was in on the joke. It was “analim”- my name backwards- which I thought sounded cute and original until I had strangers contacting me, curious if I was interesting in butt sex.

What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?
“Do I have to?”

3 things you always carry with you?
1) Phone (usually on Do Not Disturb mode and only my family and manager can get through. But I mostly need it for photos.)
2) Water bottle (because hydration and the environment)
3) A tiny bit of guilt about an array of issues.

What’s your favorite place in LA, and why?
My house. It has great light and is filled with all my favorite things.

How does the identity of your neighborhood tie into who you are?
Ooof. I’m conflicted answering this because I juuuuust moved to Hollywood, after living on the Eastside for 6 years and I miss it. I love my house, but don’t love driving through tourist traps to get there. So I guess what my neighborhood says about my identity is that I can put up with a significant amount of BS if it means I’ll eventually get what I want.

Who’s your favorite Angeleno, living or dead, real or fictional?
Barry Shore. Look him up, watch all the videos, be a better you.

You know you’re from/live in LA when…
When you talk about wanting to give New York a try, just for a little bit.

Where was the best meal you’ve eaten in LA and what did you have?
Sqirl on Virgil. Start with a Tumeric Tonic, then I get the Sorrel Pesto rice bowl (but I sub had the rice for kale because hello, I am LA) and get an unsweetened, almond milk latte for after.

Important note:
Most people don’t know that if you’re just ordering drinks or pastries, you can bypass the line.

Meals vs snacks?
Meals all the way. I spend so much time in my car that I’m constantly grabbing something on the go. It’s pathetic. Getting to sit down and appreciate a meal top to bottom is a luxury I don’t take lightly.

3 people you’d invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Carrie Fisher, Tony Robbins, Princess Diana

What’s your party trick?
I can leave without anyone noticing.

What was your Bar/Bat Mitzvah theme?
“Am I still allowed to do this?” because I had my Bat Mitzvah when I was 21.

You become the next big Jewish rapper, what’s your rap name?
“MC Shaina Punem”

Favorite Jewish holiday?

What do you wish you’d known about Jewish culture?
You can still sing even if you don’t know the words. Just make noises and look like you’re enjoying it. They’ll never say anything.

Do you have a favorite Jewish memory?
When Rabbi Lisa, from Hillel at UCSD, would sing, I’d cry. Like a wonderful, cathartic cry, while repeatedly saying “I don’t know why this is happening.”

A past trend that you wish would come back?
People saying “hard” when they meant “tough.” That was hilarious.

If you were to invent anything what would it be, and why?
Maybe a projector that instantly turns on whenever you’re whining that shows you someone in a significantly worse situation to remind you how good you have it.

Most proud moment?
The last day of my trip to Jordan, we threw a big party for the kids at a school we helped establish. It was Iftar (a meal for breaking the fast during Ramadan) so the kids ate and danced as the sun set and I sobbed happy tears.

Your dream project?
I don’t know. I’m excited about every project.

Milana’s Recs

EAT –  Sqirl, Ostrich Farm, Little Doms

DRINK  – Good Luck, La Poubelle, Tiki Ti

HANG OUT – H Coffee House, The Trails Cafe, Elysian Park



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