Profile: Musician + Event Producer Benny Lipson

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September 1, 2016
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Profile: Musician + Event Producer Benny Lipson



An LA native, Benny Lipson is always about town spreading unconditional happiness through music and dance. At age 24, Benny works for himself as a musician and event producer, always preparing for upcoming fun on the calendar. You can catch his band, jackbenny, at various venues as well as his once-a-month (last Tuesdays) dance party, Vinyl Nights, at the Short Stop and musical theatre cabaret, Come What May, at El Cid every second Thursday.


Ma Nishma (what’s up)?
Always busy, always happy

What do you do?
I do my best to maximize my time with good, intentional art and sharing that with wonderful friends.

What don’t you do?
Never watch TV, netflix, or go to the movies.

If your life could resemble any song, it would be…
One Voice-Barry Manilow

3 things you always carry with you?
Upbeat attitude, calm composure, a watch because my phone won’t tell time properly.

What’s your favorite place in LA? Why?
In the summer, the Santa Monica pier for the Twilight Concert Series. Summer brings many friends together all over the country, but no place harvests the amount of radiant energy created on the beach during the concerts.

Who’s your favorite Angeleno, living or dead, real or fictional?
Brian Wilson OR Karen Carpenter

You know you’re from LA when you…
remember exiting Barham off 101 South.

Where are the best tacos you’ve eaten in LA?
Had a couple from Chicas in downtown the other week that were pretty fantastic. I mostly prefer burritos.

3 people you’d invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Harry Nilsson, Jerry Herman, Jiddu Krishnamurti

What’s your party trick?
DANCING. With good music and space, I’ll be on the floor for hours.

You become the next big Jewish rapper, what’s your rap name?
Kendrick Shofar

Do you have a favorite Jewish memory?
I had a raucous B’nei Mitzvah with my twin brother where the catering company accidentally served the adults the non-alcoholic punch and my friends the alcoholic. My mom received some concerned parent phone calls the following day.

What do you wish you’d knew about Jewish culture?
Having worked in synagogues and Jewish summer camps for many years, I haven’t been craving much Jewish knowledge. However, I do enjoy the dissection of Hebrew words and their root letters and connecting the meanings to other words with the same root.

A past trend that you wish would come back?
Producing musicals with a full orchestra; I saw a show this past weekend that, for budget purposes, didn’t have a bassist! Blasphemy!

If you were to invent anything what would it be, and why?
I’d like to invent a course in music theory to specifically help elevate songwriting and understanding of harmonic and melodic movement. I should probably invent this soon.

Your biggest accomplishment of 2016?
Starting my band, jackbenny, with my brother Jack. A synthesis of much thinking and exploring music and the world.

Your dream project?
Writing a musical and producing it across the world!



BITE: Nat’s Early Bite is the perfect combination of delicious food, great service, cheerful employees, and inexpensive prices. I’ve been frequenting Nat’s for all 24 years of my life.

BEV: The Short Stop unites old and new Echo Park together with cheap drinks and a vibrant dance floor.

BE AT: It’s a blessing to live in a city rich with many diverse cultures, art, infrastructure AND A BEACH. Temescal Canyon is the most relaxed with tons of free parking!


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