Profile: PR Consultant and Vintage Jewelry Seller Cory Sargeant

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Profile: PR Consultant and Vintage Jewelry Seller Cory Sargeant

Cory Sargeant

LA native currently living in Los Feliz with her dog Rothko and gecko Teenie Turner. Cory recently launched her own PR consultancy company called Sargeant PR, mainly working with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. She has an incredible vintage jewelry business called Lady Sargeant, inspired by both her grandmother’s incredible jewelry collections from their travels across the world.

So, Ma Nishma?
Currently re-watching Friends from Season 1 and trying to guess their astrological signs.

What do you do?
I’m a PR consultant and vintage jewelry seller.

What don’t you do?
Yoga and chopped liver.

Half through 2017, one big accomplishment you’ve had this year:
Starting my own business and learning to cook salmon perfectly.

The numbers “5”, “101” and “405” make you feel:

How does the identity of your neighborhood tie into who you are?
I live between Thai Town and Little Armenia. I grew up in Los Angeles and have always been grateful to be immersed in different cultural experiences.

Summers in LA are amazing because…
…of all the outdoor movie nights

Your favorite Jewish tradition?
The four questions at Passover

You were surprised to find out ______ was Jewish, too.
Gal Gadot (Superwoman).

Top 3 stores to shop for stylish finds around LA:
American Rag, Alchemy Works, and Daiso.

1 pro tip for someone wanting to improve their personal brand:
Don’t be afraid of not appealing to everyone. Find a stance you believe in that is true to yourself and stick with it. The right people will follow suit.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Weekend getaways

Give us your top 3 on the East Side for

Bite: Trois Familia

Bev (and dance!): The Grand Star Jazz Club. Their French pop nights are Cory’s favorite.
Be At: Barnsdall Park to picnic with friends.


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