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September 26, 2016
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Profile: Publicist Brittany Bowen


Brittany Sabra Bowen is the Lead Publicist and owner of GOT PR, boutique public relations agency. Raised in the Midwest, Brittany now lives in LA where she manages her business with her two assistants, Carlos and Emily. She is a lively being, to say the least, with special interests in horror, knifes and tattoos. She’s a very compassionate and driven person with so much love for Drake. 

Ma Hadash?
The same olde. Working at my home office, feeling overwhelmed and excited by the week ahead while longing to still have the weekend embraced in my presence.

What do you do?
I’m a self-employed Publicist. I own a boutique Public Relations Agency called GOT PR.

What don’t you do?
I don’t drink, just was never my thing. I don’t smoke cigs either, again never my thing. Also I don’t do cats or onions.

Who / what is your spirit animal?
Ilana Glazer of Broad City

If your life could resemble any song, it would be…
Drake ft. Nicki Minaj – Make Me Proud

2 things you always carry with you?
My knife and nail clippers / filer.

3 LA based musicians you recommend people keep an ear out for?
Luna Shadows

Gavin Turek


What do you love and hate most about living in LA?
The driving wouldn’t be so bad here if people KNEW how to drive and were confident with their driving, so the physicals drivers confidence is one thing I hate.

I love the weather. I’m from the Midwest… Chicago and Ohio to be exact, let those cold winters settle into thought.

You know you’re from/live in LA when…
You don’t see the celebrities. I just saw my first one, Kate Hudson (babe)… I’ve been in LA for over a year.

The numbers “5”, “101” and “405” make you feel…
Unsure about life decisions.

A question you’ve always wanted to ask a Rabbi?
What happens if you touch another women who isn’t your wife? What will happen? Does your wife get to go touch a man or…?

You were surprised to find out _______ was Jewish, too.
My girl Sanni! But it makes total sense.

You become the next big Jewish rapper, what’s your rap name?
SadBrat (my middle name is Sabra, and I’m a bit emo so it flows).

You win the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you do?
Invest and create a foundation for Autistic and under privileged kids.

If you were to invent anything what would it be, and why?
A device that allows you to read people’s minds because that’s what I’ve always wanted to be able to do.

Your biggest accomplishment of 2016?
My whole career really. This has been the biggest and first official year of GOT PR Agency.

You’ll know you’ve “made it” when…
NY Times or GQ is contacting me about my artists, not the other way around (Usually I’m reaching out to them).

3 Things you’re most thankful for?
My life

My beauty

My career

A piece of advice you would give 13 year old you?
Find a hobby, a skill and perfect it. Take that free time and energy to make it useful for you in your later life. Whether it’s drawing, singing, math, science or whatever, just do all that you can. Screw being a child. Being an adult is so much more fun and if you utilize your free time as a youngful teen you’ll have years on people and advance farther.

What are you doing later?
Work. I know it sounds savage but my assistant comes in during the evenings since he works a full time day job. So we do 2 night shifts a week. It’s useful.

Thanks for interviewing me!



We are GOT PR – a boutique agency with an emphasis on Public Relations in music that specializes in getting shit done. We believe in breaking the boundaries of typical PR firms by incorporating branding strategy and creative storytelling necessary to spark positive, memorable conversation. Everyone has a story to tell but not all of them will lead the conversation – that’s what you’ve GOT PR for.


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